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Our mini guide to Ericeira

Our mini guide to Ericeira

Just a short drive along the coast from Lisbon, Ericeira is a charming fishing village famous for its epic beaches, unforgettable surf, rich Portuguese culture, and breathtaking sunsets. Also known as "the place where the ocean shines with the most vibrant shade of blue."

Whether you're planning on catching some waves or just roaming around this vibrant little beach town, we've got you covered with the perfect mini guide. 

Claire surfing at sunset in Ericeira, by Ezequiel Rivero.

Where to surf

Foz do Lizandro, São Julião, Praia do Sul.

Matadouro, Ribeira D’ilhas, São Lourenço.

Coxos, Cave, Praia da Empa.

Where to eat

Nalu Bowls, The Capsule Cafe, Sunset Bamboo.

Local food: Mar das Latas, Casa da Fernanda, Costa Fria.
International: Balagan.

Where to stay

Aethos Ericeira
A charming boutique hotel overlooking the ocean, combining modern comfort and a relaxed beach vibe. Find us at their surf shop!

Where to shop

Magic Quiver
A cool concept store, offering bespoke surf boards, alternative water wear brands and a laid-back friendly experience. Find us here!



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