Summer Hiking Weekends Bavaria Edition

The Bavarian countryside is something that never gets old.
Stunning views, paired with incredible weather and a cool beer on the mountain top. Call us biased because we are from Munich but there really is no place like it. 

Exercise matched with fun and laughter ! The Dream. 

On this edition we are looking at two seperate hikes, each of a similar difficulty - although one is shorter ( but steeper) and longer with less incline. 

Breitenstein & Wendelstein,

Both in close proximity of one another ( 15 minutes by car) they broth provide the perfect weekend hike with family and friends. 

Wendelstein is the more flexible option as those who are not up for the hike and more into the beer and view can take up the cable car.

Breitenstein however is only acessible by hike. 

So lets start with the smaller one of the two: 



Approximately 1.5 Hrs up with an incline of X 

There are three stops on the way up 




All of which we highly recommend as they are as unique as they are charming.

Our favourite ? The one close to the top - because no radler tastes as good as the one after you just made the ascend ! And for those not into the Bavarian version of a Shandy, there are many other options .