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Freediving in Malta

Freediving in Malta

Five days, 2 ship wrecks, lots of dives, much to learn and even more to see. 
Last summer we took 3 friends to Malta and organised a 'mini intro to freediving get-away' paired with testing our first ever prototypes.

A fun experience filled with laughter, excitement and maybe a little bit of nervousness at the beginning. But even those who had never tried freediving before were hooked right from the beginning. 

Let's hear it from them: 

'Diving into another world is one of the most meditative experiences. When the feeling of time and space is gone and it is just about the here and now, the nature and your imagination going wild when exploring ship wrecks, caves and the underwater life fully absorbing you.
Freediving takes this to another level, you get to know your body, your limits and that thrilling feeling of being able to go beyond. Feeling free of equipment and only protected by a comforting layer of wetsuit, it is the most natural and sustainable way of blending in with this world of wonder. For me only climbing a mountain or galloping through nature on horseback matches this experience!'

'If you’ve never tried freediving, here’s what you need to know:
It’s exhausting and scary. You’ll have to constantly fight the physical and mental urge to breathe. You’ll swallow a lot of saltwater. You might get sunburnt. And your hands might prune to the point where the skin starts peeling off... BUT once you’re able to override that natural instinct long enough to find yourself deep underwater - where time seems to slow down and everything becomes quiet - you’ll see that there’s nothing quite like it. That feeling of weightlessly floating alongside schools of fish or gliding into a dark, mysterious wreck that’s been at the bottom of the ocean since the 1940s is indescribably beautiful. Even when the pressure to breathe increases and you start to feel anxious, you’ll be mesmerised by the way the rays of sunlight envelop you on your ascent and pull you up - until you finally break the water surface and exit that magical world.
Trust me, you’ll want to keep going back.'

'Freediving proved that elusive sort of hard exercise that one only realises they’ve done when their muscles scream in the evenings - hours swimming in the sun punctuated by ‘duck dives’ to WWII wrecks was a tougher workout than most - and every evening it was a struggle to stay awake through supper. Malta proved an arresting location, not least because of the accessibility and diversity of the sites. In Valetta the cityscape we emerged from each dive to was magical: beneath the water lay British ships scuttled or bombed, whilst above lay 16th century fortifications and Baroque palaces. And, somehow, the more distracting the dive, the longer it felt possible to remain down. 
Ultimately, in 2020 there were few greater pleasures than mask-less learning, moving freely and exploring with friends. I’m desperate to return. As we head into lockdown again, I’ll be choosing my (long sleeved) suit and attempting to book a second trip in the new year.'

Nikki Oly wearing our Longsleeve, shot by Suahuatica 

As a freediving location and especially a place to learn Malta is a great choice. Not only is it a beautiful island with great restaurants and a lot of history to explore both in and outside the water but it also offers amazing, versatile dive sites for both scuba and freediving.

Numerous wrecks give you the chance to discover history underwater while caves and grottos allow for endless exploration and the many different dive spots make it difficult for the dives to ever get repetitive.

And for those who don't like the cold, Malta is ideal as the water temperature reaches up to 26 degrees in August.

If we could have, we would have stayed wayyyyy longer!

Our recommendations?
Freedive -with Arturo @apneatotalmalta
Stay atCasa Elull if you want to be in Valetta and feel completely at home
See – The Blue Grotto and explore the old town of Valetta

Dive – The many shipwrecks around the island 
WearThe Longsleeve & our Watereggings 

See you outside ! 


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